Ethlyene Oxide (EtO)

Ethylene Oxide Processing. Safe, effective sterilisation every time.

Providing tailored solutions to meet specific requests is an important aspect of our business model and is what has made us a world leader in our field. EtO processing was introduced as a response to our customer’s requests and demonstrates our ability to be proactive, innovative and committed to offering our customers a complete service that meets their needs.

EtO is a gas that uses a powerful alkylating agent to sterilise a wide range of products. Ethylene Oxide prevents cells from reproducing and can kill all known viruses, bacteria and fungi, including bacterial spores.

Compatible with a number of materials, it is commonly used in the medical field for the sterilisation of medical equipment, with Australian hospitals among some of Steritech’s major customers for EtO processing. The process is also used outside the healthcare industry, mainly as a treatment for goods requiring quarantine clearance for both imported and exported goods.

The process of applying EtO is carefully managed during multiple stages. Firstly, the product is brought to the necessary temperature and moisture content. It is then placed in a custom designed EtO chamber where all air is removed and controlled amounts of steam and EtO are introduced. Finally, the product exits the chamber and is automatically moved into a custom designed heated aeration room, where gas residuals are lowered to required customer/safety levels over a period of approximately 12 hours.

What are the benefits?

  • Global best practice process approved worldwide by international regulatory bodies
  • Sterilises a wide range of products including medical equipment
  • Suited to bulky products
  • Can sterilise plastics which may not cope with other processing methods
  • Large sterilising volume/chamber capacity