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How Steritech is keeping Australia free from exotic pests and diseases

Australia is envied the world over for its largely disease-free plants and animals, and as an Australian-owned company, Steritech is proud to play our part in keeping it that way.

Our advanced Gamma Irradiation and Ethylene Oxide (EtO) treatments comply with all legislation and standard requirements and ensure imported and exported goods adhere to strict quarantine laws.

Steritech also offers a significant advantage for importers and exporters in that either of these processes can be used on the vast majority of commodities.

Quarantine is not just about goods entering Australia

All of Steritech treatment facilities are proudly approved by Australian Biosecurity for treating imported goods requiring clearance into Australia.

Every country around the world has import conditions that includes quarantine regulations for many types of commodities.  Steritech offers Australian exporters the ability to manage pre-export treatments to meet the regulations required by the country of destination.  This allows the exporter the ability to oversee the treatment process locally rather than relying on a treatment provider that is a long distance away.

“Steritech’s superior sterilisation and decontamination techniques help ensure Australia is kept free from exotic pests and diseases”