Export Opportunities

Steritech is committed to helping our clients grow their business in a world where borders are no longer barriers to trading. Having a competitive edge is crucial to success, and with our resources and technology, we can offer clients more opportunity to expand their business on a global scale.

For over 40 years, Steritech has been providing treatments for goods entering Australia and for exporters wanting to meet the quarantine requirements of overseas destinations. And we are continually working to break down the barriers for import and export, giving our clients access to new markets and unlocking opportunities they never thought possible.

Easy access to more markets matters.

Approved by Australian Biosecurity and recognised by many other overseas border protection agencies, Steritech’s globally recognised processes can assist in opening pathways to countries where import conditions require a specific set of treatments. Unlike other treatments, our Gamma Irradiation process treats products within a matter of hours, so they can reach their final destination much faster.

Protecting your brand matters.

With Australia’s enviable reputation for pure, natural products gaining even more momentum, keeping products free from contamination and of the highest quality is crucial to ensure your brand’s reputation and success on the world stage.

Extending shelf life matters.

With Steritech’s Gamma services, products can be treated in finished packaging, within the shipping carton, so they are ready for immediate use as domestic products or for export. Eliminating spoilage bacteria in airtight packaging also helps to ensure products that need to travel long distances reach their final destination in top condition.