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How Steritech is keeping the pet industry thriving

The pet food industry places a high value on the safety of their products. As more pet food is produced, the chances of contamination and spoilage increase.

Steritech’s services give the industry peace of mind and assurance that the high quality of their pet products will be maintained. We treat many products used for domestic pets, including veterinary products and pet food supplies, and our reputation for using reliable and safe decontamination processes is renowned in the industry.

Protecting your brand

Steritech Gamma service eliminates microorganisms and contamination from a wide range of pet products. Gamma Irradiation in particular, is an easy way to kill E-Coli and Salmonella and can also extend the shelf life of the finished product.

Whether our clients are needing a treatment that ensures brand protection or as a quarantine requirement, Steritech is well positioned to offer a service that will meet all expectations.

“Steritech’s Gamma Irradiation process ensures the high quality of pet products is maintained to protect our customers brand”