E-Beam Irradiation: Protecting What Matters
for Australian Health Care

Electron Beam (E-Beam) is a highly effective and trusted sterilisation method safe to use across a variety of products. Able to penetrate all packaging, including foils, E-Beam is ideal for the sterilisation and decontamination of medical equipment and packaged goods.

TGA licenced and approved, E-Beam works by using high powered RF energy to accelerate electrons through a linear cavity resulting in a highly-charged beam. This beam sweeps back and forth, creating a curtain, which products move through on a conveyor at a calculated, monitored speed.


Why choose E-Beam?

  • Fast – Shorter product exposure time and faster turnaround.
  • Easy – Penetrates all types of product packaging including foils.
  • Safe – Products are safe to handle immediately after processing.
  • Precise – Highly reliable and consistent sterilisation. 
  • Effective – low-penetration, high-dosage.
  • Clean – Environmentally friendly.
  • Compliant – Meets local and international regulations.
boxes on a conveyor

How It Works

Similar to Gamma irradiation, E-Beam breaks down bacterial DNA and inhibits bacterial division. Products or substances exposed to the beam experience a disruption to the organic processes that cause contamination. When complete, there are no residuals from the process left in the product, making it safe, efficient, chemical-free and ready to use as soon as processing is complete.

Steritech uses a variable 5-10MeV, 80kW linear accelerator which is manufactured specifically for industrial sterilisation. This is housed in a specially-designed chamber operating under strict standards. Steritech’s compliance is continually maintained across numerous regulations, such as TGA, ISO11137,  ISO13485 and more.

E-Beam Irradiation Process

Products are received and scheduled for treatment.

Products are loaded onto a conveyor for transport into the irradiation room.

Products are exposed to E-beam until the required dose is achieved.

Products are unloaded from the conveyor system for release and dispatch.

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