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How Steritech is helping to grow our agricultural industry

Agriculture is the lifeblood of Australian industry. As a major producer and exporter of one of the world’s most vital commodities, it is an industry that needs the very best protection, resources and service.

Steritech is a world leader in decontamination processes, and the trusted partner of choice within the agricultural industry, helping suppliers meet biosecurity and quarantine requirements when trading products between states in Australia or exporting overseas.

Through our safe, effective and chemical-free Gamma Irradiation process, we can eliminate potentially disastrous microbiological contamination and bacteria and successfully destroy harmful pests.

How Steritech can help you

There are many uses for Steritech’s services within the agricultural industry, some of them being:

  • Elimination of insects and pests that have contaminated finished product and raw materials
  • Devitalisation of seeds for products made locally, imported and goods leaving Australia. For example, horse feed and general stock feed
  • Sterilisation of products that require microbial control, such as growth media used in the manufacture of agricultural inoculants, veterinary equipment and animal diets used to supply the research community
  • Sterilisation of beekeeping equipment, to eliminate various diseases that are devastating to the beekeeping industry.

“Steritech helps grow agricultural trade by safely and effectively keeping this vital commodity free from contamination”