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How Steritech is keeping products safe for consumers

Packaged products are an important commodity for food processors, traders and consumers. As such, containing, preserving and protecting a variety of contents within the packaging requires a high level of technical expertise.

Steritech offers peace of mind by delivering a Gamma Irradiation service that provides sterility in a diverse range of packaging materials such as nylon, polystyrene and polyethylene.

While irradiation will not adversely affect packaging integrity, our experienced team will advise you on what forms of packaging material are best suited to this process.

Aseptic packaging is our forte

Recognised as safe, environmentally friendly and extremely reliable, irradiation ensures no area or part of the packaging escapes exposure to the gamma rays. Total penetration on a broad range of packaging materials, including multi package goods is assured.

From pillow packs to food containers, jerry cans, bottles, tubes and trigger nozzles, Steritech provides a sterilisation service that easily meets our clients requirements.

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“Steritech protects a wide range of packaging and ensures it contains, protects and preserves the products within”