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How Steritech is keeping the fruit and vegetable industry fresh

The quality of Australia’s fresh fruit and vegetables is renowned worldwide. Maintaining our enviable reputation as a reliable supplier of some of the best, fresh horticultural produce in the world requires building the right partnerships that share same commitment to service, innovation and quality that begins on the farm.

Steritech introduced the first whole pallet irradiator customised to treat fresh fruits and vegetables in the world, located in Queensland. The facility provides phytosanitary treatments for fresh produce that does not require the cold chain to be broken during treatment and is a valuable tool for pursuing highest possible quality and freshness.

This innovative, chemical-free alternative to existing export treatments has opened up exciting new opportunities for our clients, offering the ability to expand and increase the speed to market.

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March 2018

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Keeping the fruit and vegetable industry fresh matters

Steritech’s Queensland facility has been an innovation hub for the Australian horticulture industry in recent years. The facility itself was the world’s first whole pallet irradiator built for the handling needs of perishable fresh produce and was also the first facility in the world to treat fruit for international export.

Irradiation enhances the flexibility of Australian growers and exporters to deliver cleaner, fresher fruit faster. Australia has currently established irradiation protocols to seven markets that include USA, New Zealand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Cook Islands.

“Steritech’s ground-breaking Phytosanitary Irradiation allows for the import of fresher, faster, higher quality Australian produce, without the use of chemicals, gasses or breaking the cold chain.”