Latest Update for Gamma Irradiation Processing For Fresh Produce – February 2017

Latest updates regarding Gamma Irradiation of Fresh Produce


FSANZ (Food Standards Australian New Zealand) has approved 26 fruit and vegetable items that can be treated with phytosanitary irradiation for sale in Australia and New Zealand. The approval process required rigorous testing and research process that concluded it is a valuable and safe phytosanitary treatment option for those 26 items.


Apple Apricot Blueberry Breadfruit Capsicum Carambola
Cherry Custard Apple Lychee Longan Mango Mangosteen
Nectarine Papaya Peach Persimmon Plum Honeydew
Rambutan Raspberry Rockmelon Strawberry Scaloppini Table Grape
Tomato Zucchini


The following items also have BQA approval allowing them to be exported to NZ from Australia using irradiation as the phytosanitary treatment:


Lychee Longan Papaya Mango Capsicum Tomato


Australia has export protocols to seven markets which are:


Destination Comments
Cook Islands All fruit fly host products
Indonesia 44 items
Malaysia 1 item (Mangoes)
New Zealand Lychee, Longan, Papaya, Mango, Capsicum, Tomato
Thailand 1 item (Persimmons)
United States of America 2 items (Mangoes and Lychees)
Vietnam 3 items (Table Grapes, Mandarins and Oranges


Benefits of Using Steritech

  • 3 separate climate zones with over 300 pallet spaces
  • Cushion sealed and refrigerated loading docks
  • Refrigerated treatment room for continuous cold chain integrity
  • USDA Approved Treatment Facility
  • Quarantine Approved Premise (QAP)
  • Treats whole pallets on a conveyor system: 1 pallet every 3 minutes / 20 pallets per hour
  • Effectively treats sealed packages and insects inside fruit without damage or residues to packaging or product
  • Fully automated process ensures consistency and accuracy


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